Come grow and play with us!


What are the payment due dates?

Payment is expected five days before camp is scheduled to start. This ensures we have enough staff to keep our staff-to-camper ratios low. It also ensures that we have enough supplies for all campers to participate in activities the first day of camp.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

We know things change. If they do, we require that you inform us of your cancellation 5 days or more before the start date of the camp for a monetary refund. This is so we can give the opportunity to another child. Allow two weeks processing for all refunds.

Will my camper need any spending money during the day?

We recommend that campers leave all personal items (toys, phones, tablets, etc.) and money at home. Campers may bring money to spend at the concession stand at the pool. However, campers are responsible for their own money and camp staff will not be held accountable if the money gets lost.

Time of Camp

What time is check-in and check-out?

Campers may check-in up to 15 minutes ahead of the start time of camp and may check-out up to 15 minutes after camp ends. Campers who are not picked up by the check-out time frame will be charged $1 per minute (after the 15 minute extension).

Can I check out my camper early?

Of course! However, please if at all possible, notify camp staff the morning of the early departure so we can make sure your camper is ready to head home at the right time. Sometimes campers are away from the designated camp location (in the woods, playing in the creek) and staff may not always be visible to parents. Staff will always be available by phone (call or text) in case of an emergency. Please call the Camp Director directly at the phone number provided in your registration confirmation e-mail.

My child cannot attend camp each day of the week? Is there a daily rate we can pay for camp?

This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We strongly recommend campers attend camp each day because one day of building leads to the next day's project. Campers who are not in attendance each day can be accommodated for but will not get the most out of their camp experience. This camp is designed to be educational as well as fun and the best results come from being in attendance at camp.

Why does camp now have TWO week sessions instead of ONE week sessions?

Two week sessions allow campers to go deeper into topics and further explore the content than a one week session would provide. Campers will be fully engaged for both weeks of the session and will culminate the end of the session with a presentation of what they built and learned for parents to see. Two week sessions also allow campers to spend more time with their friends. Especially for our younger campers, forming relationships and building friendships is a skill that takes time to foster. When campers change every singe week, this can be hard on those consistently in attendance.

My child can only attend one week of the session? Can I attend camp at a reduced price?

This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Priority registration will be given to campers who attend the entire session.

Camp Day

Who is eligible to be a camper?

Anyone who meets the age requirements during that week of camp. A child who is 4-years-old in June, July or August may attend camp regardless of when they will enter kindergarten. All 4-year-olds must be able to use the toilet independently.

Why is camp held at the Park District Office on Mondays?

Having camp at a consistent location on the first day of camp, regardless of weather, provides parents with a plan in place ahead of time for Monday morning. This is especially helpful for our parents who need to drop off their child and rush off to work. We do not want parents scrambling the morning of camp to find where camp will be located each day. Campers will still play outside, weather permitting, even at the Park District Office. We have access to the town square and play games and sports there throughout the day.

When would the camp location change and how will I know this?

The Monday morning drop off at the Park District Office will NOT change (even in the most beautiful of weather). At pick-up on Monday, parents will be provided with a tentative schedule for the rest of the week. This schedule may change due to weather. Parents should check the homepage of this site for location updates. This site will be up to date at 6 a.m. the morning of camp. Once campers have arrived at a location for camp, they will stay at that location for the duration of that day. In case of inclement weather at Black Partridge Park, campers will have access to the building housing the restrooms. In case of inclement weather at the pool, campers will have access to the locker rooms.

Will lunch, snacks or water be provided?

Lunch is not provided by camp staff. Campers who attend the full-day camp must bring a lunch. There will be coolers available for campers to store their lunches, however, it is still recommended that campers put an ice pack in their lunches to keep their food fresh. Snacks will occasionally be provided as part of a craft or game but should not be expected. All campers are encouraged to bring healthy snacks as we will have a morning and afternoon snack break. Campers will be running and playing all day and will need some nourishment in between meals. Campers MUST bring a water bottle to camp every day. This is extremely important to prevent dehydration and heat-related injuries. Water jugs will be available for campers to refill their water bottles throughout the day.

What is the counselor to camper ratio?

We strive to keep our counselor to camper ratio low. Typically, one counselor will supervise no more than 5 campers.

How old are the counselors?

Summer camp strives to employ a director that is a certified teacher. Counselors range in age (most in college, some in high school) but have all been chosen because they demonstrate superior ability to work with children. Our counselors are frequently evaluated by the camp director to ensure that they are at peak performance when working with your children.

What should my child wear to camp? What should my child bring to camp?

Wear (expect these items may get dirty): Gym shoes, shorts/pants or skirt with shorts underneath, top the child can move around in, sweatshirt (if needed - some mornings can be cold, especially if in extended care)

Bring (expect these items may get dirty): Backpack with: water shoes or sandals, swim suit/towel (on pool day), extra pair of clothes (we play in water a lot and you child might want to change out of wet clothes), sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle, snack and lunch (if staying all day)


Campers are at the pool before it opens? What will my child be doing during that time?

Camps in extended care, as well as everyone else, will spend a portion of their pool day in the pavilion in front of the pool. Campers will engage in a variety of activities including: building projects, crafts, stories and games during this time. Campers will have access to the bathrooms inside the pool locker room at all times.

When will my child swim and what areas of the pool will they have access too?

All campers 4-5 years old will swim in the little pool in the morning during tot time regardless of swimming ability.

Full day campers will swim after lunch from 12:00 p.m. -2:30 p.m. 4-5 year olds will have the option of using the larger pool at this time with life jackets and counselors in the water.

Campers age 7-11 will have the option of using the diving board once they have been swim tested by the camp director and lifeguards. A swim test consists of the camper swimming across the diving well. Campers must be able to do this without the aid of a life jacket.

Parents are required to bring their own life jackets and puddle jumpers if needed because the pool does not have an unlimited supply of these items.

Half-Day campers will still attend camp and participate in our dry land activities (9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.). These campers will not swim (unless they meet the 4-5 year old age limit to swim during tot time). For an additional $10, half-day campers may stay and swim in the afternoon. For parents who chose to bring their half-day camper only for the afternoon half (swim time) of camp, the $10 payment will still be required to pay for the cost of the supervised swim time.

Extended Care

We offer Extended Care for campers who need to be dropped off early or picked up late. Hours Include: 7 am-9am and 3 pm-6pm. Extended care will be a flat rate of $140 per session (two weeks) which covers all times extended care is open.


If you have any questions please call (309) 367-2932 or email